Steve Morrison

Specialist Grief


Thanatologist Steve Morrison provides individually focused support to each client. He uses a variety of widely recognised therapeutic frameworks including Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Person Centred Therapy. Steve works from a strengths based approach.

Steve specialises in counselling people who have experienced a significant loss in their lives such as the death of a loved one, loss of self identity, the end of a significant relationship, or the loss of a work role. Often people in grief find themselves floundering in their lives and need an independent professional like Steve to assist them.

Steve has a gift to see beyond the obvious to what needs to be addressed. He skilfully and compassionately leads the client into a new narrative of their situation and future, helping them to personally discover great hope for what is ahead.

Steve is happy to work with individuals, couples and families experiencing grief and loss. He also provides support to workplaces where there has been a grief incident.

Steve does not work in other specialised areas such as eating disorders, addictions, sexual abuse, family violence, etc. Please see Steve's recommendations for other specialist services in these areas below.

Due to the high correlation between grief, spirituality and burnout, Steve is gifted at working with clergy and ex-clergy in particular, in these areas.


Other Specialist Services

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Domestic Family Violence
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Kids Helpline
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Individual 50-minute counselling sessions cost $120 (+ GST).

Speak to Steve for costings relating to couples, workplace and other specific situations. Please note: Steve is not registered for Medicare.

For those clients from around the world in different time zones, please contact Steve at to organise a time that can work for both parties.


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