What about that mountain so commonly known as GRIEF?


GRIEF CAN seem like a mountain. Big,  overwhelming, immovable. Remember...even the biggest mountains can be conquered.

We often refer to grief as a mountain for many reasons. For starters it is huge, big, overwhelming, immovable.

The term mountain gives the picture of something that we will need:

  • To learn to go around
  • To go over
  • To tunnel through….

We will need to learn to navigate life with its constant presence.

Don't give up...the mountain can be conquered

While mountains are seemingly insurmountable, it is important for us to note that even the highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest, has been conquered many times.

People learn the skills, learn to use the tools required to be able to not only conquer, the mountain but also the ability to

  • Enjoy the journey,
  • Love the new views
  • Discover new horizons.

“Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve.”
- Earl Grollman


The mountain we identify as ‘grief’ may seem smaller at times, perhaps it has shifted, taken a lesser role in your life… well done!

You have learnt to manage it better, climb it more efficiently, and have come to a place to enjoy the view from the top.


By Steve Morrison