One thing you can do right now to help move on from your grief


Grief can be paralysing but there is some good news! Just making one small change in one area in your life can have a big impact on your overall well being.

Small Change, Big Change is the title of my friend’s book where he discusses and teaches on finance and how tiny changes can make enormous differences.

I was thinking about this the other night when I was out running and drew a staunch comparison between this principle and another area of my life...exercise.

As I was pounding the pavement I was so aware that only 7 weeks earlier:

  • I would have never run
  • I was convinced I couldn’t
  • I had little or no desire to start.

This all changed with one small adjustment.

It was a beautiful morning on Sunday 27th December 2015 as my family and I begun our annual two week holiday in the stunning seaside township of Lorne in Victoria Australia.

As I do every year at the beach I started walking every day.

This time however I did something different...I decided to increase my speed to a light jog.

Well, this continued nearly everyday until it seemed as though I was running as much, if not more than walking.

Now in the space of only 7 weeks I have walked/ran over 300km.

Even writing that number seems unbelievable to me and yet the impact has been profound.

Making that small change 7  weeks earlier has let me:

  • Shift my self-belief
  • Take time out to exercise
  • Better consider my day
  • Regularly ponder the challenges I am facing
  • Get clarity in my thoughts.

The difference has been tangible and truly life-changing – all from just the smallest of shifts.

with grief It's easy to become stuck

When we consider the impact of grief on us personally and our friends and loved ones it is all too common to become stuck.

  • Stuck in a dark place
  • Stuck in a negative thought pattern
  • Even stuck in a behaviour pattern.

It is common to withdraw, to neglect things we once loved and so much more.

I have seen over and over again, that just like my ‘awakening’ to running, if we can shift just one area in our life, it can have a significantly compounding effect on our overall well-being.

Make your small change today

Perhaps you loved to play tennis, can I encourage you to start playing again?

Perhaps you read books but now it has all stopped, I encourage you to begin again.

Allow yourself to enjoy the journey. 

It is true. Small Change = Big Change.


By Steve Morrison