The hard truth is that life can be really tough at times and for this reason I am so thankful for the friends in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that the most cherished of all friendships, are the ones where the expectations are low but the impact is high. I love "those" friends, that; 'even though I don't see them for months or even years, we just pick up from where we left off'.

I love the friends who know me well and still love me anyway.

Recently I entered a season where I need some extra care from my close friends. It is always difficult to know what to write and how to write it and who to send it to, and yet I knew I needed some scaffolding around my world. So I wrote a short text... 

Basically I  told them there had been some significant changes in my world and that I needed them to keep an eye on me over the next few weeks especially. As I expected, some texted me straight back offering complete support, some rang me asking for more details and asking how they can be of support, and a couple of people didn't respond at all. I can honestly say that my friends have been nothing short of amazing and that the loss and grief I am experiencing, while deeply impacting, has been more manageable because of the friends in my life. 

So I guess you could say that ... although life can be (and is) tough some times, sometimes YOU need to be the one to message your friends and not only ask for help but also allow them into your world. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is one of strength and wisdom. 

A friend sends a timely text when sadness is overwhelming. They make a phone call just so you can hear their voice even if they have nothing specific to say. A friend drops by with a block of chocolate, your favourite beverage and romantic comedy movie to take your focus off the pain for a while. A friend understands you.... all of you. The good bits and the bad, the fun you and the sorrowful, the loud and the quiet, the practical and the erratic. 

"Don't walk in front of me... I may not follow

Don't walk behind me... I may not lead

Walk beside me... just be my friend."

- Albert Camus

When loss and grief leaves the dictionary and arrives uninvited into your home, friends become the oil that helps you squeeze through the difficult times.

Friends can be the listening ear when you simply need to tell (and often re-tell) your story.

I would love to hear your stories about when a friend really made an important difference for you, so please leave a comment below. 

I conclude with the following quote which made me laugh out loud:

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."
- Linda Grayson


Have a great week!


By Steve Morrison