10 things to prepare before you meet with the funeral director


Meeting with the funeral director can be a very emotional and exhausting time. Sometimes this time becomes even more difficult because people have not considered the importance of knowing certain information before the day has even arrived. As a way of helping you start conversations with your own loved ones concerning their wishes, we would suggest that you take the time to consider some of the below questions. 

Here is a list of 10 things you can prepare before your meeting.

  1. Who do want present (family/friend) when you meet with the funeral director?
  2. Who will be the point person (known as the Applicant) for the funeral directors  to address questions to, as well as singing paper work?
  3. How will the funeral costs be paid for? 
  4. Does your loved one wish for a burial or cremation.
  5. What is their referred location, day and time of the week (of course this is subject to many practical requirements such as venue availability etc)?
  6. Does the family have a Minister, chaplain or celebrant they would prefer to use to officiate the service?
  7. Do you know the finer details?
  8. Family history details are required for the registering of a death certificate. The required information includes; where the deceased was born, parent’s names (including the mother’s maiden name), how long they have lived in Australia for, marriage(s) and/or de facto relationships, children's names and dates of birth and finally occupation(s) of the deceased and their parents.
  9. Do any of the family members or close friends wish to view the body of the deceased person before the funeral service?
  10. Other discussions could include the selection of a hearse, music choices, flowers and more. The coffin selection is often a difficult and emotional moment. Depending on the funeral home, you may be able to see the options as displayed in the coffin selection room or from photo's on an iPad or similar.

The time with the funeral director is extremely important.

The Funeral Director Is Skilled At Leading You Through The Whole Process So Don't Be Anxious About.

'Having To Have All The Answers.'

It is possible and often a good idea to access pre-planned and/or pre-paid funeral which will enable individuals to not only fill out the required information but also to express their own wishes for when the day arrives for their funeral service.

Today’s funeral service can truly be an incredibly uplifting experience as our loved ones are remembered and celebrated. A little preparation can make a huge difference in the planning journey.


By Steve Morrison & Aaron Hille