A life well lived


Today I had the privilege of officiating at the funeral service of a beautiful lady, 80 years of age. The service was held in a quaint chapel and was followed by the cemetery burial.

Unlike other days however, today I took the time to walk along and read the grave stones of those who laid before me. My mind wondered far beyond the stone and into the lives and stories of those laid to rest. I found myself endlessly searching to find the oldest people I could, those who had lived for more than 80 years.

I wondered if those in the graves had lived their lives well

Had they taken chances, experienced great heights or walked through trials and struggles? Did they have families? Did they achieve professional successes? What were their proudest moments? Did they have regrets?

As I sit tonight and remember my private walk through the cemetery earlier today, one question continues to echo over and over in my mind.... what does a ‘life well lived’ look like, and who determines whether it was good or not?

To provoke an answer, or perhaps even more questions I want to share with you my favourite poem.  Perhaps a life well lived has done all that Linda Ellis suggests…

My favourite poem is THE DASH written by Linda Ellis called The Dash.

I want to live my DASH well as I trust you do also. So perhaps we need to ask ourselves a few questions such as:

  1. What are my priorities?
  2. How am doing as a son, husband, dad, brother, friend….
  3. Am I contributing to the greater good of this world I live in?
  4. Am I fulfilling the God given destiny upon my life
  5. Do I leave people feeling better?
  6. Do I live a life of generosity and kindness?
  7. What do I need/want to change as I condider the days, weeks and years ahead?

We all get one life on this earth to live and love….let’s make sure our lives are fruitful in goodness, lived with passion, loved and enjoyed.


By Steve Morrison