LOVE and HATE live together

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Today I excitedly awoke and got myself ready to go for a walk. 

You see walking is something that I love to do, regardless of the elements or what Mother Nature is doing … there is something so very calming and invigorating for me about feeling the fresh air on my face.  Especially when walking in one of my favourite places; Lorne Victoria. 

I picked up my mum and sister and together the three of us travelled down the stunning Great Ocean Road to Lorne.

It was a glorious 18 degree Spring day; the sun beaming through the windscreen making the drive warm and beautiful. The large swell kept me captivated the entire way, looking at both the road and the waves.

 We arrived and walked to the pier in Lorne, an easy 2.5km round trip on a gravel path next to the beach and rock pools. It was blowing a gale yet I was not fazed in the slightest. I was home.

I walked, pondered and prayed.

I day dreamt about faraway places, past memories and the possibilities of a summer filled with trips to Lorne and our three week holiday over the Christmas / New Year period, just as I have holidayed for the past 48 years.

My love for Lorne was instilled from my parents. All of my life my Mum and Dad have taken us to Lorne for holidays, weekends and day trips.

This great love of mine has now been successfully passed onto my three daughters, as they follow my foot-steps loving the beach, summer, swimming and surfing.

So why have I entitled this blog LOVE and HATE Live Together? 

Because I hated being there today without my Dad.

The place I love, the place my Dad loved, today was tarnished with a feeling in my gut of pain, loss and heartache.

I sat hurting for my mum whose husband of 56 years wasn’t with us… for my sister, who like me desperately misses her Dad. 

I love Lorne, my memories, my family and my Dad, but I hate that he is no longer physically with us.

I have a feeling that LOVE and HATE will continue to live together.

By Steve Morrison

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Steve Morrsion