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Life Like A Candle

"....and it seems to that you live your life, like a candle in the wind" sang Elton John as ??? million people watched the funeral service of Lady Diane, Duchess of"....and it seems to me, you lived your life, like a candle in the wind" sang Elton John as 2.5 billion people watched the funeral service of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, on the 6th September 1997. Such a beautiful song, which forever, in my mind anyway, takes me back to when I sat and watched the live broadcast of that royal funeral.

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Isolation Kills

I had come up with so many different names for this blog... obviously, I settled on 'Isolation Kills'. I was considering 'I'm not dead' or 'where did you go?' and possibly 'how can leaving someone alone who is in deep pain, be a positive approach for support and recovery?'. It was late Sunday afternoon, Naomi and I sat with a friend who is a widower and listened to her story. This of course is not unusual for us and neither were the feelings, pain and fears she was sharing. As time is going on, she feels incredibly isolated. The ‘why’ questions were coming quickly;       

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After Death – 2017AD

When grief comes across our path, by way of a death, we find that life suddenly becomes divided into two, before death and after death. We often no longer conceptualise life as being on a singular continuum, but rather it is running on two separate lines. It can feel as though you have entered into an ulterior dimension. Life has been so unfathomably changed that it is not possible to keep on the same path that you were travelling.

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