To Carry A Legacy

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Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in ourselves that we forget about creating a legacy for those yet to come, a torch for which they can grasp hold of, a baton to wield into their own future. A legacy for someone to come along and shape it, mould it, create it into something that they can also call their own legacy. For that is the way of a legacy, passed down generation to generation.

So it is with that kind of focus and reflection that I have to look at my own life and consider the legacy that I would pass on to a new generation, whether they be my own children one day, or perhaps someone in my church or sphere of influence.

What is it in my life that I think should be carried on to help build up the generations to come?

And in the looking, I do not see. I can consider things that I do well at, areas where I may exceed. But there is no fire burning, no torch to be passed on.

I need to take it upon myself to find something that will give my own heart new invigoration, new purpose. Because at the end of the day I want to create a legacy. And in truth, legacies do not happen overnight.

You see, I really like hearing other people’s stories, what it is that has happened in their lives that has brought them across my path. We all have a story to share, and if the time is taken to listen to them, so much wisdom can be imparted. Particularly as we learn from the mistakes of others, as well as what we learn from their successes. Legacies in the making.

I’ve been known to wander the cemetery where my dad was cremated several years ago now, and as I have wandered among the tombstones, I have read dozens of plaques, I have shed tears for soldiers I did not know. And all the while I have wandered; I had a keening in my heart wondering what their legacy was.

Who were these people, whose gravestones say all too little of? What legacies did they leave behind?

Cemeteries are like a giant puzzle, every person linking in, fitting in somewhere – even if it is obscure, one of those pieces that never seems to fit. In this garden, from those plaques, everybody fits. And everyone has a story to tell. I think it can bring hope, if you simply know where to look for it. Hope, because those lives and plaques represent generations of people who have helped make this world be what it is (the good and the bad). Hope because they have been our foundation, our rock.

They have enabled us to look to the future, and see that it is bright, and see that we can carry our own legacy with us.

For those there in the ground, in this cemetery, in every cemetery, we have had men and women fight wars so that we did not ever have to. They were in trenches so that we could be sitting in churches. They built towns and cities, so that we could live sheltered, we could live blessed lives.

We have much to be thankful for, of those long gone who chose to carry a legacy. They have lived, dreamed, breathed legacies, just so that we may simply live.

There is a torch blazing somewhere in your world right now, there is someone with a baton ready to pass it on, there is someone with a vision or a dream for a new work prospect, there is someone crying out for the help of a volunteer, there is a child in Africa, in Asia, in India, in any third-world country crying out for a sponsor. Then there are organisations who are constantly after support, Greenpeace, BeyondBlue, Oxfam, World Vision, your local Bunnings BBQ. You can be apart of so much, there are so many people crying out for you to take the baton, to dream new dreams, to take the legacy to the next step and for you to one day pass that legacy on to someone else in turn.

I know for me that I am ready to step up into this challenge, plant my feet firmly on the ground, and start finding some local needs that I can move into and share in their legacies, and maybe start creating one of my own.

Because at the end of the day we are now faced with the decision to write our own legacy. What do we want the world to say about us? What foundations do we want to put down, so that future generations have a platform upon which to stand, a platform upon which they can create a foundation for their generation and for their children; a platform upon which they can create their own legacy?

Be your own legacy. Light up the world. Hold onto the baton for dear life. And run. Run your race until the day comes to pass it all on.

Then let them run their own course.

Let your legacy live on.

Danielle C. Myers

Steve Morrsion