I was 15 years old; a boy really, when I bumped into grief,
unexpectedly and quite uninvited. 


My band mate, Simon, committed suicide. I went from seeing Simon almost every day to a great void. I was just a teenager – and no one spoke about it. Not the death, the burial, my pain and confusion –my anger or the thousands of unanswered questions that swirled in my head every, single day.

Life moved on…for me, but Simon’s death defined me. 

I have spent a lifetime counselling people through grief…thousands of them. I started as a funeral celebrant (yes, it’s a real job) helping people celebrate their loved ones. I then got my Master’s Degree and pursued a Post Graduate Certificate in Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling. Today, I’m working on my Doctorate Degree. 

I want you to know I care and I’m here. I consider it a privilege to walk with you through your darkest hours and provide you with support and tools that can help you navigate this confusing time. My virtual hand is outreached to you…wherever you are – the next step is yours.

I personally invite you to join me, for this free webinar, where I will be discussing some proven keys to help you handle this Christmas/holiday season. 

Registration is free so simply click the link to secure your space now. Please note for numbers are very limited to enable us to better connect throughout our time together. The webinars will run at 8pm on Tuesday, 19th December for Australian Daylight Savings Time and again at 8pm for American Eastern Standard Time.