Do you want to get UNSTUCK from grief and start living again?


Grief can be paralyzing.

Although it may seem unending, Grief is a passage and not a destination in itself. Grief is also not a sign of weakness, but rather is the price of love.

Sometimes, the pain of grieving can put a halt to all other feelings and can overwhelm every aspect of life. It can be a lonely, frightening and even paralzing place.

If you are stuck in the thresholds of such grief, then I have good news. There is help and there are tools you can learn and apply in order for you to live the life you desire.

Yes, it will be different to how it was, no one can change that, but to learn to love life again, to bring your gifts to humanity and to embrace a ‘new normal’ is absolutely possible.


To help you get to a place of thriving instead of just surviving,
I have developed a course to help you make the necessary changes.



Unstuck is delivered by 9 videos and 9 podcasts with written text to help reinforce each of the simple and yet powerful keys.


Here are the 9 keys that you can watch, read and listen to:

1. Living with thankfulness: Discover how to live with thankfulness even in the midst of all-consuming grief. This video teaches you the power of being thankful for what you still have without devaluing that which you lost.

2. The power of looking back to give you the strength to look forward: Learn how to leverage your past to keep pushing forward! Thinking back on positive moments can help you propel your thoughts towards a meaningful future.

3. The importance of fresh air, wide open spaces & contemplation: Explore the beauty and power of nature to heal better and faster. The third free video features pointers to make use of the solitude of open spaces, breathe in fresh air, and meditate for faster healing.

4. Gain confidence in being intentional in your journey of healing: Make healing a priority without feeling guilty. Plan your recovery step by step even if takes a long time.

5. Give yourself permission to get unstuck: An important question to ask yourself is whether your loved one would like to see you immersed in grief and unable to get on with life or move on and live your life like you should?

6. Reposition your loved one without diminishing their importance: Learn that by coming unstuck, your love for the one you grieve over does not diminish.

7. Establish boundaries for what is and isn’t okay for you: There is never any timetable when it comes to the healing process. But define boundaries in terms of what you can and will do and what is still out of bounds.

8. Managing your grief when significant dates occur: Acknowledge the importance of the date and spend the day with close friends or family who appreciate the occasion.

9. Finding your own inner peace: Take up something that made you happy in the past. Finding a purpose to live and working for that can bring you inner peace.


John M. Knight
Cairns, Australia

Let me tell you a story about a family man called Steve Morrison. He is by trade a man of God, by nature  a man of Science, and the sort of true friend who helps those in need with both skill and kindness.

At the ripe old age of 50, I lost my Mum. I have seen friends, my parents, colleagues and even school teachers lose their Mum, and I had been told and I have indeed said it myself to others, "that it doesn’t matter how old you are, it always hurts to lose a parent..” and although I was compassionate about this when I repeated it, it was blaze’ and cliché until it actually happened to me. 

Now as a man of the book, and rational one, it makes sense that ultimately we all die. Hard to argue against that one and still be rational. Let me share this however. Having been blessed with about six months warning from Mum’s final diagnosis to her death, the agony of pre-emotive grief, the physical ache of a sore heart, the inability to sleep, maintain logical thought, even good social graces was nearly debilitating. 

Further, it took me by surprise!

Yeah dumb, how can something with a six months warning surprise me. I am blessed with the wife who chose me, but what help ground me beyond just what my family support group could offer, what allowed me to retain focus and to cope was Steve Morrison’s Unstuck course. 

See despite my knowledge of the expected, Steve’s course has enabled me to achieve a different insight. Another level of understanding, and although the pain of grief is there, I can maintain social graces, when they may otherwise depart.  Funnily enough my social graces can depart most unexpectedly and rapidly at that!

The course for want of a better way to articulate, had kept me grounded, and allowed me to continue to function and focus. It’s given me an understanding of process as well as acceptance and self forgiveness. All in all, it’s likely the best thing I have done, pre and post funeral for myself and for those around me. 

If you have lost a loved one, or even if you know that you are about to, seriously consider Unstuck by Steve Morrison. Click the link and have look at it."

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“I have had the honour of knowing Steve for many years now and can attest first hand to the profound gifting he has in the area of Grief and Loss. To not only personally witness Steve live a life of unshakable integrity but to have also been a recipient of his counsel and mentorship, has been such an indescribable blessing. He has taught me how to live well through some of the most difficult times in my life and not only survive but flourish. The UNSTUCK course now enables people all over the world to access Steve’s gift through learning and applying the life transforming keys he teaches. I will forever be grateful for his influence in my world”.

Angelica Klein Boonschate
Geelong, Australia


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To help you really move into a far greater space Steve is also adding a free key as part of this great course. The 10th key is completely free (valued at $97)


Your Instructor - Steve Morrison

Thanatologist Steve Morrison is committed to seeing you live well with grief. Steve has been working in the grief and loss field for over 20 years including officiating over 1200 funerals. In addition to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Steve holds a Master of Arts degree from the Sydney College of Divinity and a Post-graduate Certificate in Grief, Loss and Trauma Counseling from Flinders University in South Australia. 

Steve has a genuine gift when it comes to supporting, educating and coaching people who find themselves stuck in grief due to a significant loss to rebuild their lives so they can find peace, joy and purpose again. He has a deep conviction as a result of his own loss journeys and from thousands of people he has worked with, that you truly can live a great life after loss!

Often people in grief find themselves floundering in their lives and need an independent professional like Steve to assist them. For a small investment you can have powerful tools to support you through your journey. You can get unstuck!



Connect with Steve and the team via email to chat through specific thoughts, challenges and successes as you work through the UNSTUCK course at your own pace.


 Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

‘Unstuck’ is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access across any and all devices which you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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Loss and grief almost always comes to us unexpectedly and can leave us shaken to the core. This course is practical, inspirational and encouraging. I would recommended those who may find themselves “stuck” in loss to consider working through the course that is presented sensitively and in a caring manner. It is more than theory and comes with “boots” of experience. On a personal level, Steve has been a friend and confidante for 5 years. Working through my own personal issues of loss and pain, Steve has proven to be a strong support and deeply sensitive friend who has held my heart and strengthened my bones. I am ever grateful for a man of God who has been willing to walk through the valley with me.

Peter Hambidge
Dundee, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa



"2016, without any exaggeration, was the worst year of my life. My uncle, nan and dad all passed away within months of each other. I flew from the States to be home for my Nan’s funeral. It was beyond bittersweet that Steve conducted her funeral and was the kindest source of support for my mum and aunts.

He took the time to spend with them and to learn my beautiful Nan’s life story; laughed with him as they told of her antics, cried with them in their utter grief. He was there for them - present, concerned, always listening. Not more than six weeks later, I was home again to be with my family.

I was able to spend a day with my dad in the hospital before he passed from an aggressive fast-moving cancer. The realization knocked the air out of all of us (and still does if I’m perfectly honest). Again it was Steve I leaned on for emotional support to get through. And again it was Steve who conducted another funeral for my family.

His words encouraged me to speak in front of hundreds and give my dad’s eulogy. Steve understands the complex sensitivities of grief. Nothing can prepare you for how long the heartsick feeling will last for but he lets you know you will get through it - and the experience will forever change you, but you will get though it.

Steve’s Oh My Grief social media posts got me through many dark days. They offered encouragement, understanding, humor and support and I’ll always be so grateful. I’m so thankful for Steve’s friendship and support, and knowing he’s a call, text or email away because these two years have passed fast.

Some days still knock the air out of me (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries), but most days I’m able to hold the memories of my family members’ alive and I give a good chunk of that credit to my friend Steve."

Kell Riches
Los Angeles, United States of America


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"They say two things are certain, death and taxes. And just as taxes can deplete your bank balance, death, and any source of grief will unsettle your emotional balance.

When that happens, it is easy to get stuck in a wasteland of emotional numbness, and if it isn’t you but a friend or colleague impacted by grief you can feel just as stuck not knowing how to respond.

In the years I have known Steve I have found him to be a caring yet effective communicator in my times of grief, and as a trainer/presenter I have watched him connect with a room of people and equip them to understand, and walk themselves and their companions through the shadow of grief to.

Lighter place. I can recommend the UNSTUCK course and encourage you to work through the videos, you won’t be disappointed."

Christopher Rowney
Torquay, Australia